Law school hires first African-American law clerk

Law school graduates are now overwhelmingly white.

A new report from the National Association of State Bar Boards (NASB) says that since 2010, the number of minorities hired into the profession has increased from 17% to 27% and the proportion of graduates who are white has also increased.

That is a shift in the law school landscape, says the report from The Association of American Law Schools (AALS), a trade group for US law schools.

The increase in minority hires has been driven by the growth of the black population.

AALS says that among the new graduates from US law school in the past five years, the majority are white.

However, the NASB report says that in the same time period, the proportion holding law degrees has decreased.

The law school system has seen a steep decline in the number and diversity of law school graduates in recent years, with only a handful of graduates of elite law schools graduating in 2017, according to NASB data.

ABAB is calling for more transparency from law schools on diversity hiring and retention.

A report released by the Association of School Administrators in January found that law schools had not disclosed data on the percentage of students of color on their graduating class lists.

A separate report by the Pew Research Center in October found that in-person recruiting of law graduates is not as effective as the online and other forms of social media recruitment of students.

“While we appreciate the emphasis law schools are placing on diversity, we believe this data is not compelling enough to warrant the continued investment in recruiting students of colour,” AALB said in its report.

“The number of students who are black and Latino is still very low.

In fact, it is now one of the least diverse groups in the US and the only one in which the proportion is at or below 50%.”

AALA President, Mark W. Latham, says he has seen “significant change” in the way law schools recruit minority students.

He says that law school administrators are “seeing more opportunity” to reach out to minority students, particularly students who may have a difficult time finding employment in the legal profession.

He believes the increased diversity in the workforce is due to a number of factors, including more emphasis on diversity in recruiting from diverse backgrounds and better support for minority students in the classroom.

Latham says he believes the NASA report is “an important step forward”.

“The American Bar Association has been committed to working with the American Bar Associations law schools to advance our mission of advancing equal opportunity for all students,” he says.

The NASB reports also found that of the graduates who applied for admission to law school between 2015 and 2017, less than half (45%) were female, which is lower than the national average of 54% for graduating class in 2016.

Of the total graduating class, nearly half were men (49%), and of the minority group, a minority of 12% were female.

The number of minority students graduating law school has also risen since 2010.

A majority of law students now complete their degrees in either one or both of the four major fields of law: criminal law, civil rights law, medical law, and the law of supply.

LATHAM says the increase in the diversity of the graduating class is due in part to the changing demographics of the US population.

“As the nation’s population has grown, the percentage and percentage of people of color entering the workforce has also grown,” Latham says.

“It is also important to note that the majority of the law schools have been hiring people of colour in the last five years.”

He says there are many reasons why the number is increasing.

“Part of it is a result of a changing economy and part of it has to do with the increased number of applicants for employment, which can include hiring more people of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and backgrounds,” Lathamsaid.

“This has happened because the law is becoming more of a diverse field, and because we are seeing more diversity in our workforce.”

A recent report from McKinsey and Company, a consultancy, suggests that the number in the United States is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 4% per year for the next five years.

“In the near term, the hiring of minority lawyers will help address a number and a variety of problems that have been identified,” the report said.

The McKinsey report, which was commissioned by the US Department of Justice, also found there are a number challenges ahead for the law profession, including the rising cost of law schools’ tuition.

It says that for many students, law school is the first step into a career in the field.

The report recommends that all law schools increase the diversity in their faculty and staff, as well as make it easier for students to transfer to another school if they do not qualify for a degree in their home state.

“Law schools should continue to support their law students by making it easier and easier for them to transfer


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