Which of the three U.S. Supreme Court Justices Should You Vote for?

When it comes to U.N. General Assembly votes, you know you are in for a big battle.

But what you don’t know is which U.K. justice might get you there.

Justice Peter Hayley, a former judge who now teaches at the London School of Economics, and two British judges are among the three nominees to serve on the United Nations’ Universal Law Commission, a new body to replace the U.


General Assemblies.

The U.L.N., in a sign of its growing independence, has two members, one of which is British, and the other of which will be American.

But if Hayley and his colleagues are confirmed, they will be able to vote on legislation and issues at the UN. from the U, which is not expected to be up and running until late 2017.

In his first Senate confirmation, Hayley told reporters he believed the ULN would be “a force for good,” saying the council “would be an important forum to develop and advocate for international law and norms and principles of good governance.”

But his confirmation hearings have been marred by controversy over his views on abortion and human rights.

Hayley’s confirmation hearing on Thursday will likely draw much less attention.

His nomination has been greeted with much more concern than his earlier one.

One member of the Ulsans’ Supreme Court, Lord McAlpine, is known for his anti-abortion views, including that of former Supreme Court Justice Robert Blackmun, who has criticized abortion rights as being akin to a “slaughterhouse” where women are murdered for their “unnatural and unbecoming” sexual relations.

Hayles confirmation hearing was also marred with controversy over a proposal to amend the Ulaw, the body’s text, to say that women who have abortions are entitled to compensation from their government.

The proposal was rejected in 2013 by the Ulaws own Ethics Committee.

Another Ulsan justice, Justice Richard Jones, has opposed abortion rights, and has called for the Ulans’ court system to be more inclusive.

In a statement on Thursday, the Ulesans Supreme Court said they “stand for the principle that all human beings are equal in dignity, rights and worth.

We reject any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other human characteristic.”

The Ulsas Supreme Court has also been a focus of controversy because of Hayleys views on human rights, especially the Uleans recent decision to allow a Ugandan man to serve as a judge on the Uladzic Supreme Court.

The decision has come under fire for its lack of transparency.

The Ugandan government has called the decision discriminatory and illegal, while Hayley has said he does not consider Uganda to be part of the world and is not even an African.

The court’s decisions on human-rights issues are typically left to the Ullans, but Hayley is expected to take a different approach on issues that concern the Ugandans, such as protecting women’s rights.

The judges’ confirmation hearing is expected sometime in January.


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