How to understand law: Stanford law school

Stanford law schools are notorious for their diversity, but their diversity is also an opportunity for the law school to experiment.

The school has just opened a law school called Stanford Law.

The law school’s first class is expected to start classes on March 1, and it’s expected to have 1,100 students.

In 2017, the school enrolled 1,200 students and added more than 3,000 students since.

The first class of 2019 is expected.

That’s up from 1,250 students in 2018 and 1,300 students in 2017.

The number of students is not set in stone, but we can expect more students, and more faculty members.

In 2018, the law schools student body was 8,000, with a median age of 20.

This year’s student body is expected at 8,500.

The Law School Admission Test scores have been trending upward, and the average LSAT score has been rising since 2015.

The average LSAS score was 875 last year.

Stanford Law has also had some high-profile cases, including a class-action lawsuit in 2018, which was a big win for the school.

More from The Washington Post: Stanford Law students are graduating with degrees in natural law, natural rights, and law, but it’s the students who will take the next step in their legal careers.

The class will be led by Stanford Law’s President of Law and Human Rights, and its first dean will be Stanford Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

A handful of other Stanford Law faculty members will also be on the faculty.

Stanford law students and faculty members, and students at other schools, will begin classes in 2019 on Feb. 13.

The classes will be free, but students are required to register.

This is the first class for students at Stanford Law, which will be the first in the school’s new school of law.

The new school, which opened last year, has a unique mix of law schools.

The University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois, the American University of Paris, and Columbia Law School have all offered courses at Stanford, including the first law school class in the country.

The university is offering a law degree at the new school.

The schools new law school is the latest addition to Stanford’s Law School family.


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