What to know about the Girl Scout Law wheel

The Girl Scouts of America’s “Girl Law” law was passed in February 2017, but it’s already causing problems for the Boy Scouts.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 830,000 Boy Scouts were suspended or disciplined during the three-month period ending in December 2017.

Some Boy Scout leaders have called the move a “shameful” violation of the Girl Scouts’ rights.

Now, Boy Scout National President Mike Huckabee says he wants to see the law repealed.

“We are very disappointed in the Boy Scout of America for having passed this law,” Huckabee said on CNN’s State of the Union.

“They are going to have to take some actions, and they have to act quickly to ensure that the law that they have in place is not being violated.”

He also called the law “shameless.”

However, the Boy Scouting executive board said it will review the decision.

“The Boy Scouts of the USA respects the Boy’s Scouts of Canada and the Girl’s Scouts, and we believe that a number of policies and procedures, including the Girl Scouting of the United States, have been followed in all cases,” the Boy Council said in a statement to ABC News.

“It is with regret that we take this action and reaffirm our position that the Girl Guides of the U.S.A. is a Girl Scouts organization, and that the Boy Guides of Canada is a Boy Scouts organization.”

In its statement, the BSA said, “the Boy Scouts recognizes that the decision to suspend or discipline is the right of each individual Scout, and it is our hope that this will not happen again.”

The Boy Scouts’ statement did not address why the suspension or discipline was not reported by the Girl Guide of the BSC.

“As a result of the decision of the Boy President to suspend the Boy and Girl Guides, Girl Guides have been placed on administrative leave,” the BSP statement said.

“While the Boy BSA does not condone or support these actions, it is clear that the BSAs decisions to suspend and discipline the Girl BSC are not based on merit or in accordance with the BSL policies, practices or guidance.

The BSA is working with all levels of our organization to provide guidance and support to all members on how to best deal with the situation.”

The Girl Guides said in their statement that “it is with deep regret that the executive board of the Board of Directors has taken this step.”

The organization said in its statement that it is also looking for the B Scouts to “make a complete review of the suspension and the actions taken by the BSc, including all documentation regarding this matter and how the Bsc and its affiliates were notified.”

“The BSA respects the decisions made by the Boy Boards and their leadership, including their decision to uphold Boy Scout Law and to protect the Boy Girl Scouts,” the statement said, but added, “this is not the right way to go forward.”

“This is unacceptable and a disgraceful action that we will not tolerate.”

ABC News’ Emily Olesen contributed to this report.


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