When Harrian Law Firm sued a New Jersey City school for bullying

New Jersey’s first school district is suing a local law firm over an incident where a student allegedly bullied a classmate at a school dance.

Harrian Law, the firm that is representing the school, filed a lawsuit Monday against the city of New Brunswick over an October incident.

The suit states that the student’s parents allege the school’s principal, Michael Pfeiffer, bullied the student and his friends by “threatening to kick them out of the school if they did not dance as he wanted.”

The students were in the dance class and one student allegedly “tried to punch a classmate who was holding up a sign reading ‘no girls allowed’ and other students started laughing and dancing,” according to the lawsuit.

The students say Pfeffer took them to a school bathroom and kicked them out.

The lawsuit claims Pfeffer “then kicked the student in the head, causing severe bruising and permanent disfigurement to the head and face.”

Pfeiffers attorney, Michael A. Pfeife, said in a statement, “The students are pleased that the court has recognized the injuries that they suffered as a result of these actions and has ruled against their false accusations.”

The school has until June 11 to respond to the suit.


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