How to fix a law that lets you kill your wife, kids, or pets

A Florida woman was charged with murder after police say she stabbed her husband in the neck with a sword, leaving him brain dead.

Tiffany E. DeMarco, 45, was arrested on Tuesday after the body of her husband, Gregory W. DeLucas, was found in their apartment in the city of Lakeland.

He had been stabbed multiple times in the chest, neck, and stomach, and he had been pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The police chief of Lakewood, Florida, called it an “honorable homicide” and said the case was the latest in a string of homicides that began last month in Florida.

Florida, home to a notorious “death row” population, has one of the highest homicide rates in the country.

In Florida, a person can be charged with a crime if they are convicted of a crime committed before they are 18, and if they were not 18 at the time of the crime.

DeMarco was charged after a friend told authorities that she saw DeMarco on the evening of May 3 with a black, leather-clad woman who told her she had been drinking.

The woman then told police she and DeMarco had been having an argument when she said she saw a man enter her bedroom and stab DeMarco multiple times.

The suspect told police he believed the woman told him to kill his wife and children.

DeLucas had died a few days earlier.


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