8 of America’s most popular movies rated below their best picture results

8 of the most popular movie films released on DVD this week have all been rated below the Best Picture winner, according to data from The Hollywood Reporter.

The films in question are: The Postman John, The Blind Side, The Big Short, The Heat, The Social Network, The Artist and The Imitation Game.

The only films rated above their best film results were the four films released last weekend.

The other films released this weekend are The Martian, Jurassic World, The Disaster Artist and American Sniper.

Only one of the films released in July is rated above its Best Picture results, which is The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, a film which had an extremely low rating in June. 

While The Postwoman John and The Postmans John were both rated at a D+ in July, the two films released since have been rated B+ or better.

The Imitation Games was rated an R for its May release, which had a lower rating in July.

The Big Short was rated a B+ for its August release, but was also released in September, when a number of critics were less than enthusiastic about the film. 

The Big Picture was rated the best film of the week at its release, and earned the highest rating of any film released this week, with a B.


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