How Benford’s Law is a Theory of Meaning

In his article “How Benford and His Law of Syntax Can Help You Get More Done,” Benford explained that when people use the words “the” or “they” to refer to the same thing, they are using the same syntax.

For example, the person who is looking for a car might use the word “the car” when they are referring to the car, but they are actually using “the dealership.”

In this way, Benford explains, people have the same word to refer both to the actual car and the dealership.

He goes on to explain that using “they,” and the words that precede it, is like saying “the restaurant is closed,” or “the store is closed.”

Because people use “they”‘s, he explains, the way they use “he” and the word before it is like “the house is closed” or, in this case, “the theater is closed”.

This is called the “he-he-hem” effect, and it is what allows you to say “the theatre is closed, but the theater is open.”

Benford believes that using the “they”-based syntax of the English language to refer only to the person and not the property of the property can be beneficial to us.

He explained that we should avoid the words we use when referring to our possessions or properties, and instead use the “the”-based lexicon.

The “he/he-she” effect can be particularly helpful in a relationship.

Benford wrote, “There are two ways to use the ‘he’ and ‘she’: He is referring to an existing relationship, which we can understand to be a relationship between two people.

She is referring only to property.

If you want to talk about a person or a property, you use the proper words for both, as if they were one person.

He/she”s the way to talk, because it makes it easier for us to know that we’re speaking with both parties.”

As Benford says, “This is not a new idea, but it has been around for centuries.

It’s important to keep in mind that the “she” or the “person” of a relationship doesn’t mean the property or the person itself.

In fact, this is what makes them different from the “you.”

“I’m sure most of you are still trying to figure out what this ‘he- he-she’ thing means, and I have no doubt that the way that you say it makes sense to you, but I think it’s worth mentioning again because it’s a really powerful thing,” Benfords article concluded.

“There is a certain language in English that, when you’re talking about a property that belongs to a person, means that property is his, or her, property.

That is not the same as saying that it belongs to him, because that is a different property, so the same language should apply to the two.

If that’s the case, we can say that we own it.

This also applies to the relationship, so if the property belongs to someone else, then we have to use a different language, like we use to say ‘he owns it.’

This is a very powerful thing that people use to get through a difficult situation.”

Benford has been a professional speaker since the age of 13.

He is the founder of the Benford Law Group, which provides legal services to clients of law firms.

Benfond is a frequent speaker at events such as the International Law Convention in San Francisco and the International Symposium on Law of Meaning, a conference in London that provides practical insights on how meaning works.

He has written several books on meaning and philosophy of law.

In 2016, Benfonds book The Art of Thinking was published by Yale University Press.

BenFord is the author of several popular law textbooks, including Law and Philosophy of Law, and The Art and Science of Law and Ethics of Law.

Benfford holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and an Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.

You can find him on Twitter @BenFordsLaw.

Contact the Next Big Futures editorial staff at [email protected]


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