Why does a sister in law want to live in Jerusalem?

A Palestinian sister in-law of a man shot dead by Israeli forces last year has asked for the country to be made a neutral zone.

The lawyer who represented the man’s mother, a lawyer for the family of the slain man, and his lawyer are also among those who signed a petition demanding that the Palestinian city be made an independent Palestinian state.

The petition was launched on Tuesday by Palestinian rights group B’Tselem, which said that the father of the dead man, Mahmoud Hussein Abu Al-Dawla, had signed it.

“It is not just the father who signed it, it is the father and the lawyer of the deceased,” the group said.

“There are more signatures than the signature, but this is one of the signatures.”

“This is not a Palestinian movement.

It is not an initiative.

It has no political significance.”

The father of Mahmoud Hussein Al-Batsh, a 27-year-old who was shot dead last September in the northern West Bank, has not commented on the petition, which also demands that Jerusalem’s Old City, home to the Temple Mount, be declared a “no-go zone”.

The petition, signed by dozens of Palestinian citizens and lawyers, comes amid heightened tensions in Jerusalem, with several Palestinians killed and scores injured in clashes with Israeli forces.

On Wednesday, Israeli police fired tear gas to disperse crowds protesting the killing of the Palestinian man, whom police said had tried to stab them.

The Palestinian death of the man was the second killing of a suspected Palestinian in the West Bank this week.

A Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli troops on Monday after an alleged stabbing attack in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

A fourth man was killed on Tuesday after Israeli police shot and wounded him during a protest.

“The Palestinian people must understand that the violence will continue in the future,” B’tselem’s deputy director, Tawfiq Abu Zeid, told Al Jazeera.

“This issue will not be solved peacefully and that the solution will require the complete withdrawal of the Israeli occupation from the West Jerusalem neighborhoods.”

He added that Israel was trying to “make the Palestinian people accept this violence and allow the establishment of a state on the Palestinian territory, which has the right to exist”.


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