How to get your car towed in New Jersey

Breaking the law in New York City is illegal and could land you in jail.

The law, passed in 2017, states: “Any person who, without the express or implied consent of the owner, or of the person occupying such person’s vehicle, commits any violation of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

The New Jersey Department of Transportation says a vehicle owner can file a lawsuit in state court if the vehicle owner is charged with a violation.

The law does not apply to motor vehicles owned by the state.

A woman who was pulled over by a police officer in Newark, New Jersey on March 6, 2018.

(WCBS 880/ to the police report, a woman driving her son’s minivan on the shoulder of the highway was pulled aside by officers.

They asked her to exit her vehicle.

After the officer asked if she had a license, she allegedly told him no.

Police told her she would be charged with failure to yield to a police vehicle, a felony, if she did not exit the vehicle.

The woman said she did, and the officers allegedly followed her, according to the report.

She allegedly drove off the road, then was pulled behind the minivan by the police.

She told police she was driving in the wrong lane, and was eventually pulled over again by police.

The report says the officers asked her whether she had any identification on her.

The woman said, “I do not,” according to police.

As she was being arrested, the officers reportedly asked if there was a warrant for her arrest.

The next thing she remembers is being pulled over, and being searched, the report says.

According to a law enforcement source, the police officer then reportedly stated he had no idea why the woman was driving the minibus.

She said she was pulled by the arm.

According on the arrest report, she told the officer, “Sir, I have a ticket for failure to have my license and registration on file.”

She said she had been drinking, and that she did have a valid license and was not driving a vehicle, according the report, and she was arrested for the violation.

After the incident, the woman reported that she was told that she could not leave her vehicle for five days, which was not true, the source told the New York Post.

She was also told she could be arrested for driving while intoxicated, the New Jersey police officer said in the arrest statement.

After she was released, she contacted her attorney and reported the incident.


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