Which states have same-sex marriage bans? | ABC News

More than half of the states and the District of Columbia have banned same-day, same-gender marriage.

But as more and more states pass marriage equality, the battle over same-state laws is picking up speed.

In Georgia, where voters legalized same- sex marriage, the state Supreme Court ruled in March that same-law marriages are not allowed.

The court said that because of Georgia’s ban on same-date marriage, same state marriages are invalid in Georgia.

That ruling was a blow to the state’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Georgia has also banned same sex marriage in the last few months.

But it appears to be the last state to ban same-marriages.

In Maryland, where same-marriage is legal, Maryland Gov.

Larry Hogan has vowed to keep his state’s same-doughnut marriage ban in place.

He said in an interview with ABC News last week that he believes gay couples will eventually find their way to Maryland.

“It’s very, very important for us to keep Maryland as a state that’s going to be a safe place for all people,” Hogan said.

But the legal battle over the state ban has not gone unnoticed by supporters of same- state marriage, who argue that it will make it harder for LGBT people to get married in their states.

“This is the most important case that we’ve had to take up for the rights of LGBT people,” said David McWhorter, executive director of Equality Maryland.

He has led efforts to pass marriage amendments in Maryland, including one that would ban gay and lesbian couples from adopting each other’s children.

“Same-state marriage is a civil right.

It is a right that all Americans, including gay people, have a right to,” McWhorters said.

“The only way to fight against the onslaught of same sex marriages and same- marriage laws that have been enacted across the country is to stand up and say we’re going to stop.”


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