Why The Philippines Will Be Just Like Iraq, Iraq’s Former President Says

President Rodrigo Duterte has made a series of controversial statements about his country’s sodomy laws.

But now he has made an even more controversial one.

The president said in a recent interview with an Associated Press reporter that the sodomy law was necessary to fight corruption.

The sodomy ban, he said, is needed to eradicate the corruption that led to the Philippine economy and the country’s military dominance in Southeast Asia.

The Philippine constitution has never prohibited sodomy, but it is against the law in certain circumstances, such as when a woman is pregnant or when she has had an abortion.

The Philippines is one of several Southeast Asian countries with a sodomy-related law.

The law has been in place since 1946.

The U.S. Embassy in Manila has said it was introduced after President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a law that allowed homosexuals to serve openly in the military.

Duterte, who has previously said he believes homosexuality is a mental disorder, also has been accused of using the sodomizing of women to discredit women who speak out against the rape of minors in his country.

“I’ve seen the way the women of the Philippines are treated, they’re not protected,” Duterte said.

“They have to be raped.”

Duterte’s comments came as he announced that he had signed a decree allowing him to declare martial law and remove the existing government from power, which is the power he holds.

He said he would also dissolve the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Philippine Islands (AFPI) and declare the Philippines the sole constitutional sovereign country.

Duterte has previously called homosexuality a “sin,” and has made it a crime to be gay in the country.

He has also made derogatory comments about women, saying that he likes their breasts, and that they are “too small.”

The Philippine military says that sodomy is a crime under the law and that the law has not been enforced.

In a recent report by Human Rights Watch, a U.N. agency, the Philippine military said that about 50 percent of the 1.3 million Filipinos who were arrested in the first eight months of Duterte’s presidency were convicted of sodomy.

The military says it has been able to crack down on the problem because of its “good will” toward the country and the strong national image of the military that it has cultivated over the years.

In his recent interview, Duterte said he had already been informed that some members of the National Democratic Front (NDF) who are accused of committing sodomy crimes will be executed.

“There are some who will be killed, some who won’t be killed,” he said.

The NDF is a splinter group of the former communist-allied Democratic Action Party (PAD).

It has been criticized for its aggressive tactics and corruption.

A U.K.-based watchdog group called the Philippines’ sodomy crackdown “a farce” and said that some cases of suspected sodomy had been brought to court and dismissed by judges.

The National Anti-Sodomy Alliance (NISA), which supports the NDF, says the military is waging a “campaign to suppress” gays in the Philippines.

“In the end, it’s a political campaign, it comes out of the pocket of the government, it doesn’t come from the conscience of the soldiers,” NISA spokesman James Glyn, told Reuters.

The AP reported that Duterte’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The Filipino people are not in any danger,” Duterte told AP, “because the people of the country are.”


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