How to handle the pope’s decision on gay marriage

By LORRAINE ROSE, AP Vatican officials are planning to meet with Cardinal Robert Sarah to try to salvage what they hope is a temporary truce on gay marriages, according to Vatican documents obtained by the AP.

The meeting was announced Friday by the Vatican and by the two priests, who are known as little’s and cardinal, who were involved in the church’s handling of the scandal.

They are also expected to sign an agreement to extend a temporary ceasefire in marriage ceremonies.

The Vatican said it will publish details about the truce, which would be signed by Sarah and Little.

It was not immediately clear what form the truce would take.

Sarah has faced criticism for the church for not doing enough to protect gay priests who were accused of molesting boys in his order in the 1970s.

His successor, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, has defended his archbishop and urged him to protect the vulnerable in the Catholic Church.

The Vatican said the pope will meet with Little and Sarah and sign a document agreeing to extend the truce.

They will then meet with the Vatican’s legal adviser, a diplomat from the Vatican who will also provide advice, and a representative from the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the Vatican said.

The pope is expected to make an announcement later Friday, the documents show.

A Vatican statement Friday said the bishops are planning a “full public dialogue” with the pope about how to proceed, including whether to hold a conference call or invite representatives from outside the church.

The statement said the conference call will “serve as an opportunity for the bishops to discuss their views on the situation and to reach agreement on how to handle it.

The decision of the bishops, the document said, is final.”___AP writer Mark Felt contributed from Rome.


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