How Noahide Law School stacks up on legal standards

By Medical News Now New Hampshire law schools ranked the top five law schools in the country in a new study.

The top law schools are Noahide University School of Law in Manchester, a nationally ranked law school, ranked No. 2 in the nation, and the University of Notre Dame School of Business in Indiana, ranked in the top 25, according to a report from

The Law School Reform and Transparency report ranked the five law school rankings based on the number of law students, the number who graduated from law school within the past five years, and their average GPA.

The study, which examined data from the 2017-2018 school year, showed that the law school ranked No 1 in New Hampshire in terms of student-to-law student ratios.

It also ranked New Hampshire’s top law school in terms to the number and percent of students who earned a JD degree.

The study also found that the median GPA at New Hampshire schools is 3.71, which is a little lower than the average GPA of 3.77 in the United States as a whole, but higher than the national average of 3,541.

In addition, the average number of years that students spent in law school was 7.65.

In New Hampshire, students who completed a four-year degree or more earned an average of $62,000, while those who completed less than a four year degree earned $33,000.

The top law students from the study were Noahide students with a median GPA of 4.78.

The school has more than 50 percent female students.

The ranking was based on student-student ratios.

Students who earned degrees at Noahide earned an even higher median GPA than students from other schools, according the report.

The law school had a median student-faculty ratio of 8.4 to 1.

In comparison, students from Notre Dame Law School had a ratio of 6.9 to 1 and those from Yale Law School and Northwestern Law School each had a student-Faculty ratio less than 8.9.

The Law School Reform and Transparency study also revealed that the average LSAT score for all students at New England law schools was 882, while the average JD score for Noahide law students was 955.

The report found that students who graduated with an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree from Noahide graduated with median LSAT scores of 771, the second-lowest in the U.S. behind the University at Buffalo Law School, and a third lower than Harvard University, where students who received degrees earned a median of 924.

Those students earned a cumulative GPA of 766.

The average GPA at the law schools ranged from a low of 3 on the West Coast of New England to a high of 641 at the University School in Indiana.


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