Texas law school is considering offering tuition free for law students

AUSTIN, Texas — Law school admissions is an increasingly popular option for some students seeking to earn a law degree.

And at Texas A&M Law, students who apply to the school can receive tuition free or at the very least $10,000 worth of tuition, according to a document obtained by TechCrunch.

The school said it has also agreed to waive tuition fees for some law students in exchange for providing free tuition for a number of years.

The agreement is in place until 2019, and if approved, would be in addition to other federal and state grants and scholarships.

Texas A&m Law declined to comment on the specifics of the agreement.

There are more than 2,400 Texas law schools, including Texas Christian University, the University of Texas and Texas Southern.

If you’re wondering how to apply, check out the school’s online application.

Law schools typically offer tuition waivers in exchange to students who pay tuition to attend their schools.

Some students have said that they are able to get tuition waivers through their families.

But some schools have faced a backlash in recent years over offering tuition waivers and other financial aid packages to students that may be unable to afford it.

Students have also accused law schools of making decisions based on how many students they have to admit, instead of how many law students they want to admit.

The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities says that a large percentage of law schools that receive federal aid don’t have enough students to adequately support the number of students they are trying to admit or are recruiting.


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