Which is more important: a legal requirement to use a heat lamp or a ban on the practice?

Posted November 11, 2018 06:15:54 The battle over whether or not to require a heat-reflecting surface to be used on a vehicle is one of the hottest hot topics in the automotive industry right now.

Key points:It is the second year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has come up with a list of the 10 most important antitrust issues facing the Australian automotive industryThis year’s list covers key issues from the car to consumer finance.ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said the focus of the report was not just on whether or to what extent the use of heat lamps or other reflective surfaces was legal, but also on how consumers could be protected.

“We’ve been focused on the issues around energy efficiency and vehicle safety, but we also looked at the issues surrounding consumer finance and consumer privacy,” he said.

“I think that’s a really important issue to think about.”ACCC director of policy, Peter Kelly, said the report focused on key issues that are in the public domain, including the impact on the consumer, but it also addressed key issues in other areas of the industry.

“One of the things we’re seeing more and more is that consumer issues are now being addressed in a way that is consistent with a fair and reasonable approach,” he told the ABC.

“There are things that are not being done on a consumer level, but the commission is looking at how we can do that, so that is one example of that.”ACSC research revealed consumers were less likely to buy a car if they had to use heat lamps than if they were free to use their own.

While heat lamps were introduced in the US to help prevent fires, they are now banned in Australia, and are not permitted in all states.

In addition, heat lamps can cause emissions problems and are therefore not suitable for use on a road.

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