How to get your lawyer out of Georgia’s gun laws

By Laura Miller and Alex Brandon | 10:30 a.m.

EDTThe gun laws of Georgia, which went into effect on April 12, 2017, are among the strictest in the nation, and some of them have already been upheld in court.

They include mandatory license to carry concealed weapons and prohibitions on carrying weapons in public places.

Georgia has also imposed a ban on semiautomatic weapons.

But there’s no law specifically forbidding the carrying of semi-automatic weapons, and in theory, you can get a concealed weapon permit and still legally own one.

What happens when a Georgia court overturns an order of the state’s top gun authority?

That would be a huge victory for the Second Amendment, the people who argue that it protects the right to bear arms.

But the ruling could be overturned by another court, so there’s a possibility that the state might have to revisit its gun laws.

The gun rights group the Center for Individual Rights is representing a group of former law enforcement officers who say the law violates their rights.

It’s asking a Georgia appeals court to overturn the state law, saying that if a judge can’t rule on the constitutionality of the gun laws he or she would likely reverse them.

Gun rights groups say that a federal judge in Georgia’s southern district of Cobb County could be persuaded to reverse the law because it would be hard to overturn because it’s based on the state constitution and the Second Circuit has said that state law doesn’t require a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

But that court hasn’t yet issued a ruling on the case.

The Second Circuit ruled in 2015 that Georgia’s ban on concealed weapons violated the Second and Fourteenth Amendments.

The Supreme Court ruled in a separate case in April 2016 that a Florida law barring the carrying by convicted felons of firearms and ammunition violated the Fourteenth Amendment.

The judges in the Georgia case said that while the Georgia law does not require a license to purchase a gun, it does allow the state to restrict the sale of certain kinds of weapons.

They said the Second circuit had erred in concluding that the Georgia ban does not burden Second Amendment rights.

The state Supreme Court also reversed a Georgia judge who had ruled that the law did not violate the Fourths Amendment.

But a federal appeals court ruled that it did, and that Georgia was in violation of the Fourth Amendment.


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