How to watch the Olympics in 2019

From Canada’s Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Park to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the Olympics have come to represent the global spirit of the Olympics.

It is the ideal place to be, but not everyone can be there.

As the games enter their final week of the Games, the CBC is asking athletes to share what they can share in their home countries to help make it as inclusive as possible for everyone.

In this exclusive feature, CBC News spoke with six athletes from Brazil, and one from the United States.

They shared how the games have changed them and their lives, how they’re enjoying the atmosphere, and what they’re most excited about in the final weeks.


Gaby Dias, Rio 2016: My dream is to play in the Olympics, but I am not a citizen of Brazil.

I’ve been playing soccer for a long time, but now I’m starting to see how it is, the athletes say.

I’m very excited, because I know I will not be able to attend the games because I do not live here in Brazil.

It’s very hard to find a job, they say.

The Olympics is the most important time for me, I said.

So far, I’ve only seen my teammates and coaches.

They are all very friendly and helpful.

They have told me they are happy for me to be able do this, but they have a few questions: How long are you going to be here?

And what will be the best moment of the year?

The last two months, it’s been very hard, said Dias.

We have had to work hard to stay here, they said.

They also asked me to share my story.

I am very proud of my Olympic experience, I told them.

I have been a member of the team for a while and now I feel more confident.

They told me that they are hoping that I will be able go back to Brazil after the Olympics and compete.

I hope so. 2.

Aleksandra Bolaños, Rio 2017: My family and I have not been to Rio, so I have to make this up to them, said Bolaño, who has lived in Rio for three years.

I was the first Brazilian to represent Brazil at the Olympics but I didn’t know that I would become the first person to represent Rio at the Olympic Games.

I think Rio is going to make me a legend in Rio, said the Brazilian.

I’ll represent Brazil for life, and I think that Rio will make me the best athlete in Rio.


Ana Maria Abril, Rio 2020: It’s really cool that I was able to be part of Rio’s team, but this is my dream, said Abrils, who was born in Rio de la Plata and is a member the Brazilian National Team.

The team that I represent is my home, so this is the only place where I can feel at home.

We are in the middle of the Olympic Village and there is a lot of people there.

It was the best experience in my life, she said.

Rio has given me a lot to live for and it’s important that I make Rio a part of my life.


Ana Motta, Rio 2022: Rio is my country and I want to represent it in the Olympic games, said Motta.

It has been a very difficult time, and there are so many things that I can’t talk about, she explained.

Rio is very important for me.

I love the culture, and now my life is focused on Rio, I am looking forward to the next day.


Lina Asensio, Rio 2024: I want Rio to be the most beautiful city on earth, but Rio is the biggest city in the world, said Asensios, who is a Rio native.

I want this to be a place where all Brazilians are proud to be Brazilians.

Rio was a great city, and the people here are so good, I can see how Rio is one of the best places in the whole world, she added.

Rio de calva is my favorite city, I think.

I grew up in Calva, and this is where I grew to love soccer.

Rio and Calva are very close, and if I represent Brazil, I want my family to be together there.


Nene Maia, Rio 2019: I don’t know if I can be a part, but the best part is that I’m going to see my countrymen, said Maia.

Rio will be very important, because my family is very close to Rio and we want to have a good life together.


Ana Raimondi, Rio 2023: It was really hard to be an Olympic citizen, said Raimondo, who plays in the Brazilian team for Rio.

I feel that Rio has been my home and I don,t want to leave it, she told the CBC.

Rio gives me a new way of thinking about life, because


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