‘The Next Step’: Lawmakers Are Finally Facing the Next Steps

President Donald Trump is pushing for the repeal of “The Next Steps” law that he says is hurting the country and threatens the future of the republic.

A federal judge has ruled the law is unconstitutional.

“I believe it’s time to put the law on the shelf, so we can focus on a lot of other things that are really important to the American people,” Trump said in a Friday press conference.

Trump, who signed the law into law in late 2017, said it was passed to protect the country from “the most dangerous and deadly threat we face today: climate change.”

He said it gives local governments the ability to regulate air quality, and “allows states to regulate who gets air quality tests.”

The law, passed in 2017, was designed to protect people who live near coal plants, and it says states must submit air quality data to the EPA.

The EPA does not have the authority to issue air quality alerts, and many states have failed to comply.

But Trump has been trying to get rid of the law ever since it was enacted in the late 1990s, and has been pushing for a repeal.

“This law is a total, total disaster,” Trump told reporters Friday.

“The next step is for Congress to repeal the law.

That is what they should be doing.”

Trump’s move comes after months of protests over the law and as Trump pushes for legislation to repeal and replace it.

The law has been widely criticized by environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association.


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