Judge to Rule on Blue Alert Law

The New York Supreme Court will decide Monday whether to hear a case challenging the blue alert law.

Judge Michael F. Gee will decide whether the blue-light district law is constitutional.

A lower court judge dismissed the case earlier this month.

The law requires residents to wear a face-mask while driving, including in restaurants and bars, and prohibits them from entering buildings or vehicles that are not fully enclosed by a metal roof.

Lawmakers are considering changes to the law after a study by the State Law Enforcement Council found that drivers have been killed and injured while wearing masks.

A law that allows those who have a pre-existing medical condition to opt out of wearing masks is set to go into effect Sept. 1.

In recent months, some legislators have proposed removing the ban on mask use.

A New York City-based coalition called the Center for Colorful Politics has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the law, arguing that it violates the First Amendment rights of New Yorkers to wear masks and to express themselves without fear of discrimination.

Several of the group’s attorneys have called the law discriminatory, and have cited statistics that show that many people do not wear masks.

Some Democrats have called for changing the law to allow people to wear the masks if they have a preexisting condition.

The measure currently is pending before the state Assembly.

But other Republicans say that the law does not protect people from discrimination.

They have proposed legislation to eliminate the requirement that people wear masks while driving and to make masks less visible in bars and restaurants.

The bill also would eliminate the law’s blanket ban on wearing masks while walking down a sidewalk.


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