How to Protect Yourself From the Trump Administration

On Thursday, the Department of Justice released new guidelines on how it intends to respond to the president’s executive order on immigration.

Under the new rules, the DOJ would not enforce the executive order as long as it is “reasonable” to do so.

However, the agency would still issue a nationwide travel ban that could be used to target specific individuals. 

The DOJ said it would consider a wide variety of legal arguments to determine whether it would be lawful under the law, which has been in place since January of last year.

It will take into account the law’s requirements for how courts are to determine the legality of the executive orders and the extent to which the order will violate other laws and policies.

The new guidelines are a response to an emergency issued by the US Supreme Court in January to stop the administration from enforcing Trump’s executive orders.

The court had ruled that the orders violated the constitutional rights of the people of the US.

Trump’s travel ban has faced intense legal scrutiny since it was issued.

In a move that some legal experts said was a calculated gamble, the US President has called the travel ban a “Muslim ban.” 

While the new guidelines did not specifically address Trump’s travel restrictions, the administration’s stance was that they would be legal.

The DOJ has said that it has reviewed a wide range of legal opinions on the legality and constitutionality of the order and determined that the administration was not required to follow the courts’ instructions.

The president is expected to sign the guidelines, which are expected to be issued on Friday, into law.

The President’s Immigration Order on Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, or INSEE, was issued on January 27.


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