When police stop and search your car, what you say can get you in trouble

By The National ABC News staffAUSTRALIA’s new laws on stop and searches have been described as “bizarre” by a senior police officer, and will only serve to make people more cautious and less likely to tell police what they think.

The laws were introduced in March, and are due to go into effect on November 1.

They were originally introduced to help with the investigation of crime, but are now being used to prevent police from searching cars without the owners’ consent.

The police watchdog, the Police Integrity Commission, has warned that police could use the new laws to take away the right to silence.

“These are laws which were put in place to prevent unreasonable stops and searches,” Inspector Mike Curnow told ABC News on Wednesday.

“There are many aspects of the law that were put into place to protect people’s rights, and the police have an obligation to uphold those rights.”

And in doing so, they will be using this law to intimidate people and try and control what they say.

“The changes are designed to help stop crimes being committed by law enforcement officers.

But Inspector Curnows advice is that while the laws will not stop crime, they may deter others from saying what they really think.”

It may be helpful to police in other ways,” he said.”

Police officers may be less likely, if not unable, to say what they actually think if they’re being stopped or searched.

“But the laws have faced a number of challenges.

For example, police officers have been warned not to say anything unless they are told to.”

In my experience it is not worth it to give a police officer the authority to stop you, question you, or take you to a police station for questioning,” Inspector Crow said.

It has also been suggested that the police might be tempted to use the laws to stop people from telling them what they believe, in a similar way to the way people are now given access to social media.”

The reason I’m telling you all this is because this is something that will probably happen in the future, and it will not be helpful in the short term,” Inspector Crow said.

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