What the Kardashians are teaching our children about sex and child labor

We don’t need another excuse for the Kardashian’s bizarre law book and its endless lists of bizarre, bizarre, weird laws, writes author and activist Kristina Kirchhoff.

The Kardashians aren’t just making laws about how to have sex, they’re teaching us how to be a better sex partner, too. 

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the show’s star turned legal guru explained why she’s not interested in the Kardashies’ child labor laws.

“I don’t care if they have laws that have been passed by other countries that have no children in them,” she told the newspaper.

“We don’t have children in America.

So it is very easy for us to pass these laws and for us not to understand the concept of child labor.

That’s not the reason why I don’t believe in it.” 

Kirschhoff went on to say that her family’s history of child exploitation has made her feel uneasy about any laws that “target women and girls.”

“It makes me uncomfortable because it is a law that targets women and children,” Kirchoff explained.

“When you are a family and you’re trying to protect your children, you have to deal with these issues that you deal with as a family.

It’s very difficult to be able to say, ‘Well, I don’t believe in child labor because this is what happens when you’re a family.”

In the same interview, Kirchoffs mother explained why her daughters are more interested in sex than the Kardash’ bizarre law books.

“The Kardashians love to talk about sex,” she said.

“I mean, what’s a little girl to do?

It’s not like, ‘Let’s have sex.’

We have to do this.

And I don’,t think they understand that they are talking about sex.

They are talking in a very immature way.”

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