The New York state law that’s forcing doctors to perform abortions without a court order

New York State’s ban on doctors performing abortions without court order is making it harder for women to access them, and forcing them to wait longer before having a baby.

But even if you live in New York City, you may not know that the law requires you to go to the doctor with a court-issued subpoena.

Here’s what you need to know about the law and what you can do about it.

What is New York’s new law?

New York has a law that requires doctors to obtain a court’s approval to perform an abortion if they suspect a woman’s pregnancy has the potential to cause her or his health to suffer.

If the doctor is unable to perform the abortion, the state must take legal action to overturn the order.

The procedure is known as “partial birth abortion” and is also called “partial-birth abortion,” which is short for “partial abortion.”

The new law requires doctors who perform abortions in New Yorks hospitals to obtain an order from the state or a court, which requires them to perform at least six hours of the procedure, according to a press release from the New York Attorney General’s office.

That requirement is in addition to what’s required for other medical procedures like colonoscopies and elective procedures.

The law also requires doctors performing the abortion to give women a copy of a court ruling, as well as a statement about why they think it’s necessary.

If a woman refuses to give that information, the procedure can be suspended or even reversed, the statement says.

The new requirement comes on top of a new law in New Jersey that requires abortion providers to obtain the same information as doctors about a woman who is seeking an abortion.

The state’s new abortion law requires abortion doctors to do the same.

New York state is the second state to require doctors to have an order to perform abortion.

That law was passed in 2011 and requires abortion clinics to obtain “a court order” before performing an abortion, as long as the clinic meets certain other requirements.

But the new law only applies to abortion clinics, which do not have to obtain court orders from doctors.

The new law also applies to any other hospital or health care facility that provides abortions, including hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.

The New York law is the latest step in a long battle over the legality of abortion.

Earlier this year, New York voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative that legalized abortion in the state, and the Supreme Court recently struck down the state’s law, which was the result of a legal challenge brought by a woman whose abortion was being performed at a hospital in New Hampshire.


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