How to predict the gun-related deaths of the next five years

Bloomberg title ‘Abandoned’ by Congress: What you need to know about the gun laws in 2017 article Bloomberg | November 17, 2018 10:12:17When you’re not buying a new gun or an assault weapon, the next big event in gun control will be the election.

The political environment is a far cry from that of the late 1980s, when Americans were debating gun control in a country where nearly every major political party was in favor of a ban.

That’s because of the nation’s gun laws.

This year’s election is also the last in which Americans will be able to vote on gun control.

A national survey released last week by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which is part of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, found that more than 60% of Americans oppose a new federal gun control law, and almost one-quarter of respondents support a new state law to ban assault weapons.

But as the president and Vice President Biden prepare to unveil a sweeping gun control plan, gun control advocates have another target to focus on: their own citizens.

More than 4 million Americans live in states that have no state-level gun control laws.

Of those, about 1.2 million live in the Northeast and Midwest, according to the Gun Owners of America, which tracks gun ownership.

The Brady Campaign is targeting the states that are the most liberal on gun ownership, especially in the West, with a national gun control campaign.

In Pennsylvania, which has a gun control measure on the November ballot, a poll found that 71% of voters support a state-based gun control bill, up from 57% in 2016.

For now, gun violence is a major issue in the election, but the candidates are also running on issues of economic opportunity and a promise to fight to make public colleges and universities more affordable.

When asked about gun control, Trump said during a debate in February: “I’m a big supporter of Second Amendment rights, of course, but I also want to make sure that we have an economy that works for everybody, not just those at the top.”

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Biden told the magazine: “I’m very much focused on making sure that people are able to get their lives back on track.”

While gun control is a top priority for gun control supporters, it’s not the only issue.

On the campaign trail, Biden is pushing for a national health care system that allows people to buy private insurance and subsidizes doctors.

Biden is also calling for a tax on gun sales and for expanding background checks on gun purchases.

His plan is supported by Democratic Sens.

Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as well as the influential National Rifle Association, which spent more than $1 million lobbying for the legislation in 2016, according the Center for Responsive Politics.

While Biden has talked about reducing gun violence, gun-control advocates have been vocal about the impact that the legislation could have on families and communities.

According to the Brady Center, at least 17 children have been killed by guns in the U.S. in the past five years, and more than 400,000 Americans have lost their lives to gun violence.

Since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012, nearly 2,300 people have been shot and killed, according a New York Times analysis of government data.

“The president’s goal is to end gun violence,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Center for Health Statistics, which studies the causes and impact of gun violence at the CDC.

“But he needs to do it in a way that will be supported by all Americans.”

Read more at Bloomberg Businessweek.


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