‘Notorious’ judge says he’s ‘notorious’ after calling gay couple ‘not fit for public office’

JERUSALEM (AP) A Jerusalem judge says a gay couple’s wedding was not in line with traditional Jewish law and is not a legal marriage.

A Jerusalem court found in favor of the couple after finding the marriage was not legally valid.

A Jewish law court is considering a legal challenge.

The couple says the judge acted in bad faith.

A Jerusalem court ruled on Friday that a couple’s request to wed in a city park was not a marriage because it was not legal in Israel.

The marriage request was made after a couple with two other partners asked to be married in the same park in the center of the Jewish city.

A group of rabbis representing the couples, led by a member of the ruling party, had argued that the couple’s marriage was invalid because it did not comply with Jewish law.

The Jerusalem Court of Appeals said the marriage is not legal under Jewish law because it does not involve the use of money or property.

The couples’ lawyers did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

The couple, whose names have not been released, said they wanted to marry for the sake of their daughter.

They have lived in Israel for five years.

The couples say they live a strict Jewish lifestyle and were told their marriage would not be valid.

The rabbis and the State of Israel are working together to protect our values and protect the rights of the spouses and children of our country.”


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