Lawsuit against ‘Milo’ Murphy’s Law: ‘Million Dollar Case’

A California man is suing the state for the right to use marijuana in his home.

He wants the state to regulate the sale and distribution of the drug.

The man, who is not named in the lawsuit, is the son of a state lawmaker and is not affiliated with any political party.

He said he wanted to bring marijuana into his home for personal use.

He also said he didn’t want marijuana to be considered a controlled substance and didn’t think it should be legal to buy or sell.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, says California has failed to make a decision on the merits of the issue.

“The proposed regulations are an enormous violation of state and federal law, as they could potentially violate the First Amendment rights of citizens and their employers,” the lawsuit says.

“If the state chooses to impose the regulations, then it is our position that the state should not be permitted to impose them at all.”

The lawsuit also says that while the federal government has been studying marijuana laws in the U.S., California has not made any moves to regulate marijuana.

“There is no state or federal law which explicitly defines the concept of a ‘marijuana controlled substance,'” the lawsuit states.

“We have been advised by the federal Government that they have not made a determination that marijuana is a controlled drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

The California Government’s failure to act is causing irreparable harm to its citizens.”

The state is scheduled to vote on the bill at a special session on July 26.