What the marijuana law says about me

Florida marijuana laws don’t seem to care if you smoke pot.

Here are some facts you might not know about the state’s legal weed.


Marijuana can be eaten.

Yes, it can be grown in Florida.

But only in certain ways.

Marijuana plants must be at least one foot high and grow two feet above the ground.

They must be on trees with a minimum of two branches, or grow two to four plants.

The plants must have leaves that don’t grow too tall.

You can’t grow marijuana plants outdoors, except in indoor spaces.

A marijuana plant that is two feet tall and has grown more than four feet above ground is illegal to grow.

So, it has to be kept indoors.

In Florida, a marijuana plant can only be grown at a distance of one foot from the nearest house.

But if you’re living with your family in a large house, that distance could be up to five feet.

The state has an ordinance that requires plants to be grown within two feet of each other.

A cannabis plant can grow up to seven feet tall in certain conditions.


You must be 21 years old to possess a small amount of marijuana.

You don’t need to be 21 to possess marijuana.

The law states that the plants that you possess must be: One foot high; not more than three inches tall; and not more that two feet from the ground, or less than six feet from any other structure.

The plant must be planted in a manner that prevents it from being blown into a storm drain or into the ocean.


The marijuana law doesn’t let you smoke marijuana in public.

There are no marijuana smoking zones in Florida, and the only way to legally smoke marijuana outside of the home is to use a licensed private marijuana grower or grow facility.

You need to bring your own equipment to grow your own marijuana, and you must get permission from your local municipality or police department before you can grow your marijuana.


You cannot grow or possess more than one ounce of marijuana in a single day.

If you want to grow more than an ounce, you’ll have to obtain a permit from your municipality.


Marijuana isn’t legal for anyone under 18 years old.

But there are some exceptions.

People under 18 can grow marijuana if they’re licensed by their local municipality, if they’ve passed a drug screening test, and if they sign a form agreeing to a three-year community service program.

But they cannot grow marijuana with a child under the age of 18.


You’ll need to buy a permit for every marijuana grow you plan to conduct.

But a permit is required only if you want your pot to be sold at a licensed grower.


If your home is a trailer, you may not have a permit to grow marijuana in the trailer.

A permit is also required for the grow site if you plan on growing marijuana in an area of your property that is a designated smoking area.

You may be able to sell marijuana to other people in the neighborhood.


You have to keep the grow house closed.

The grow house can’t be opened for anyone except the grower, grow equipment, and marijuana.


You won’t be able grow marijuana indoors if you are growing marijuana outdoors.

You will be able, however, if you have a licensed indoor grower who has an approved outdoor grow license.

If the grow operator is a licensed marijuana grow site operator, they can sell to people in their area.


The amount of weed you can buy in Florida depends on what kind of grower you use.

The more expensive indoor grow permits are for large, single-story growhouses, which are usually $250,000.

The less expensive permits are usually for smaller, single or multi-story indoor growhouses.

The permit fees can be as low as $75 per plant, which can be a little more expensive if you live in a rural area.


The first 10 plants you grow will be taxed as high as $3,000 per ounce.

If that price increases, you have to pay another $100 per plant.


You’re not allowed to grow any marijuana in your yard or your garage.

But, if your yard is less than two feet wide, you can’t store marijuana outside.

If there’s no space between the fence and the sidewalk, the marijuana will have to be placed in a plastic container and placed inside a garbage bag.

If a container is placed outside, the container can’t have a roof.


If someone has a medical marijuana card and you grow marijuana, you must give them a medical cannabis license.

You might also have to give them the appropriate medical marijuana identification card and registration card.

The medical marijuana cards are valid for up to two years.

The IDs are also valid for the same period of time if you buy marijuana from a medical grower for medical purposes.


It’s illegal to sell to anyone under the legal age in Florida to buy marijuana.